Neelakurinji in Munnar-The beautiful sight that comes once in a dozen years

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Neelakurinji in Munnar - Are you dying to see the once-in-a-dozen spectacle? Come to Camelot Resort to see Neelakurinji in Munnar without any delay. The sight of distinct mountain slopes carpeted in purple-blue hues is breathtaking. It is a magnificent sight and has a heart-warming beauty about it. The rarity of these beautiful sights adds to its overall appeal. It can only be seen once in 12 years, and this year is one of those years where you don't have to travel far for it, that too at Camelot Resort Munnar.The beauty of Munnar,the coolness of the hills, the lush green valleys, the beautiful silvery streams,the cascading waterfalls, and all the other parts of Munnar are must-sees for every tourist.

But not many have seen or experienced the blooming of the legendary Neelakurinji in Munnar, as it takes 12 years for the Neelakurinji to bloom. There are many blooming valleys and flower-filled meadows worldwide, but Munnar and its Neelakurinji have a variety of elements that set them apart. The beautiful Neelakurinji blooms only in Munnar. Neelakurinji is a must-see magically spread over the green hills of Munnar. Neelakurinji plants are hidden in the foliage and during the off-season, Neelakurinji plants go unnoticed. But when they bloom, Neelakurinji flowers are the focal point of Munnar. The view of the hills decorated in blue is so beautiful. Coming to Camelot Resort- top family resort in Munnar top family resort in Munnar is also a good opportunity to see Neelakurinji.

• From this spot, we can see the beauty of Neelakurinji, Kannimala, Rajamala, Kallar, Nallathanni, Nyamakad, Vagavarai, and Silent Valley. Anamudi, the highest peak in south India, all this view brings warmth to our eyes. Munnar is famous for its tea plantations, so the plantations surrounding the Camelot resort..

• These are the main activities Nature walking, Trekking, Tenting, and Paragliding so Camelot provides the best unforgettable memories. Also for entertainment, we arrange activities like table tennis, football, chess, carroms for children, and a campfire to make the night beautiful. Camelot resort is the Best family resort in Munnar to visit with your family. Special facilities are provided for children. Camelot Resort is situated on a hill so you can enjoy the beauty of Neelakurinji with your family..

• Camelot is a popular honeymoon destination for romantic couples and provides honeymoon cottages with high-quality amenities in Munnar. You can have the most memorable experience you can have with the views of Neelakurinji.

• Camelot resort is one of the best resorts in Munnar for a honeymoon. Spend a romantic vacation with your partner at this Camelot resort. Nestled in the hills of Munnar, Neelakurinji is breathtakingly beautiful, making it the perfect place for an intimate vacation. Also, arrange outdoor activities together for some uninterrupted time.

• If you are looking for the best honeymoon resort in Munnar, you can also enjoy the eye-pleasing beauty of Neelakurinji. Come to Camelot without delay- Best resort in Munnar

neelakurinji in Munnar

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