'Camelot' Resort Munnar, the most beautiful Poem in the Poetry of Munnar, written by Nature

Best family resorts in Munnar

Welcome to the place of heaven on earth, where the spectacular environment is great for honeymooners and families. Munnar is a queen's kingdom noted for its beautiful foliage and lovely ambiance, as we all know. Munnar, with its multitude of luxury resorts, is an excellent choice for anyone planning a honeymoon. Munnar is noted for its lush natural surroundings and various tea farms. Munnar is considered as the Kashmir of Southern India due to the vast number of international and domestic tourists who arrive each year to take in the natural beauty. It is a well-known honeymoon location as well as one of Kerala's most popular tourist destinations. The mountain's highest peak is 1880 metres above sea level, and it is home to rare creatures, plants, and waterfalls.

Camelot Resorts in Munnar is one of the most well-known honeymoon resorts in munnar and one of the top resorts in munnar for honeymooners and families. Camelot is known for its kindness and warm welcome. This resort is ideal for newlywed couples looking for tranquilly and romance while enjoying a variety of resort activities. Budget resorts in Munnar provide exceptional service while meeting all of a tourist's basic needs

The Camelot resorts in Munnar are spread out over 17 acres, with more than half of it covered in plantation, creating a terrain that closely matches the natural surroundings. Hummingbird –luxury room, Sun Bird, and Silver Bills - Deluxe, among other top resorts in Munnar, provide all excellent services to visitors. The rooms are decorated in a modern style with beautiful colour palettes and artwork. Honeymoon bungalows in Munnar include free high-speed internet connection and complementary breakfast as part of our effort to deliver full service. For the sheer beauty of nature, this is a spot you'll want to return to again and again. The location's breathtaking beauty and tranquilly are indescribable.

Family resorts in Munnar

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