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The Essence of Onam

In the picturesque state of Kerala, India, the air is filled with an enchanting blend of floral fragrances, traditional music, and an infectious festive spirit as the people come together to celebrate Onam. Known as the harvest festival of Kerala, Onam is a time of joy, togetherness, and rich cultural traditions that weave a captivating narrative of the state's history and heritage. According to the legend, King Mahabali, an Asura king who was known for his benevolence and just rule, visits Kerala during this period to ensure the well-being of his subjects. Onam celebrations, therefore, signify prosperity, unity, and the spirit of hospitality.

Floral Carpets (Pookalam)

One of the most visually stunning aspects of Onam celebrations is the creation of Pookalams, intricate and colorful flower carpets laid out on the ground. Families and communities engage in friendly competitions to create the most elaborate designs using vibrant flowers, petals, and leaves. Each day of the ten-day festival sees the addition of new layers to the Pookalam, and by the final day, the designs become truly breathtaking artistic masterpieces.

Traditional Attire and Onakkodi

Onam is an opportunity for Keralites to embrace their traditional attire with immense pride. Men don white dhotis (mundu) and angavastrams, while women adorn themselves in the elegant and iconic Kerala saree, known as the kasavu saree. The highlight of Onam attire is the 'Onakkodi,' the new clothes that are gifted to family members, symbolizing the renewal of bonds and the spirit of giving.

Onasadhya - The Grand Feast

No Onam celebration is complete without the sumptuous Onasadhya – a grand vegetarian feast served on banana leaves. This multi-course meal includes an array of traditional Kerala dishes, such as avial (mixed vegetable curry), olan (ash gourd and coconut milk stew), sambhar (lentil stew), and more. The feast is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Kerala and a reflection of its agrarian roots.

Vallamkali - The Snake Boat Race

One of the most exhilarating events during the Onam festivities is the Vallamkali, the snake boat race. These races are a spectacular display of teamwork, coordination, and sheer energy. Teams row long, serpent-like boats to the rhythm of traditional songs and drum beats, creating an electrifying atmosphere along the backwaters of Kerala.

Cultural Performances and Games

Onam celebrations are infused with cultural performances and traditional games that capture the essence of Kerala's rich heritage. Kathakali, a classical dance-drama, and Thiruvathira, a graceful dance performed by women, are often performed during this time. Additionally, games like Pulikali (tiger dance), Uriyadi (pot-breaking), and tug-of-war showcase the fun and frolic associated with the festival. Onam celebrations in Kerala embody the spirit of unity, prosperity, and cultural richness that defines the state's identity. The festival brings together families, communities, and even tourists from around the world to revel in the splendor of traditional rituals, art forms, and culinary delights. As each year passes, the legacy of Onam continues to flourish, ensuring that the tapestry of Kerala's cultural heritage remains vibrant and timeless. Welcome to Camelot the perfect place to celebrate your Happiness Camelot Resort isn't just a place to stay; it's an experience that lingers in your memories long after you've left. It's the joy of waking up to mist-covered mountains, the serenity of gazing at the stars from your balcony, and the delight of being pampered by attentive staff. Whether you're a solo traveler seeking solitude, a couple looking for a romantic escape, or a family in need of quality time, Camelot Resort promises an unforgettable sojourn in the lap of Munnar's tranquility.

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